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From Myles Rose of Groove Tubes and Guitar Amp Blueprinting... Subject: Re: Opinion on 65 Amps London.

I have quite a bit of "inside time" on the 65-London. I will just say a few things about 65's amps.

  1. If you like the Vox AC-30/AC-15 or 18 watt Marshall the 65-London will be just the ticket.
  2. There are more folks in Nashville using this amp that I can count. The amp has also found it's way into hard rock use and records nicer than any Marshall 100 watt stack as an example.
  3. The amp is one of the finest built pieces of music gear I have ever seen. It is an amp that you will pass down to your grandkids even if you are not married or with somebody who plans to have kids down the road.
  4. They sound terrific but even more ... and what is lacking in so many amps which this amp has ... is true player sensitivity and articulation. This is what makes the difference between a good amp and amazing amp.

Myles S. Rose

Over the past 12 years my shop has been constantly on the search for ground-breaking, gotta-have-it amplifiers. It's our main thing....our mission in life. Since we opened in '93 the boutique amp world has gone from about 5 builders to hundreds! We are constantly trying out amps from the "latest and greatest" builders that are all the buzz on forums. Frequently we are left scratching our collective heads.
Still, every once in awhile a new amp line comes along that is just, simply, better than anything else to come before it in its genre. These are the select few amplifier lines that we get behind with all our weight and preach loudly to anyone who will listen!
The quality of build and aesthetic of 65 Amps immediately ranks it up there amongst the greatest amps of all times in those categories.
But, the real treat is the tone and the feel. Once you experience the incredible range of swirly, lush, mind- altering clean tones and the pulsing, thick, overdrive, so complex with harmonics and dimensional nuances, you will be.....quite simply....blown away.

Stu Carter Owner of Fat Sound Guitars

The London offers incredible sounds with virtually any guitar, delivering fantastic gain, clarity, punch, response, smoothness, tightness. And most importantly, the London does it with a tone that it can proudly claim as entirely its own. It simply sounds amazing.

Ward Meeker/Bob Tekippe Vintage Guitar Magazine - December, 2005

From: Doug Hamblin

Hey Dan, I played the intro to Brown Sugar thru the London and my wife ripped my clothes off.


Subject: London

I was looking through some posts on the Gear Page, saw one of yours, and I just had to write you. I received a London in the mail yesterday, and I am absolutely blown away. I'd be embarrassed to tell you how many amps I've tried over the last 8 - 10 years, and there are a few guys I've come to know over those years that appreciate great tone, and have the same love for it that I do. I was intrigued by what I'd heard about your amp, but being honest, I didn't buy one, because 4 of those guys that I tend to trust had tried a London and they were split on it (2 loved it, and the other two...). Not whether or not it was a good amp, but whether or not it was better than this or that. I don't trust two of them anymore. I know this is very subjective territory, but I don't understand how anyone could think that this amp is anything less than incredibly special. Every guitar I plug into this thing sounds better than it ever has. Both channels too.

I've always played, primarily, single coil pickups, and this amp has opened a whole new world to me in that arena. I've been playing now for more than 20 years, and I'm no great player, but this amp certainly makes me as good as I can be, and for the first time in quite a while, it makes me want to be better. For the 36 or so hours or so that it has been here, I've had a really hard time staying away from it, and every time I throw on a guitar, I can't put it down. I don't mean to be over the top, and I'm sure you've heard all of this many times before, but when I saw your post, I just had to write and say thanks for making me enjoy playing again. I've heard that there's a 36 in the works, and if you think it's as good as the 18, I'll certainly be in line for one. Okay, that's long enough, I need to get back to my amp.

Thanks again,
(Name withheld)

I haven't had as much fun playing through an amp for ages. I've now used the amp on 2 shows and a rehearsal with Jackson and it's been crazy. I usually rely on 2 overdrives and a fuzz for his shows: I didn't use them. I now have some expensive paperweights. At rehearsal our soundman came over and said "What is THAT?!!" He said it was the best I ever sounded. It's so great to get the sounds I always needed to get and to have them at the perfect gig level. With a delay and a booster pedal I was happier than a puppy with two peters!
Thanks again!!
Talk to you soon,

Mark Goldenberg Lead Guitarist with Jackson Browne

Subject: WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just plugged into the London for a few minutes -- that was the plan, anyway...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This baby sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible overdriven tone with no (NO!) harshness. I liked it so much from the first strum that I just spent the last hour jamming -- instead of doing the work that has been piling up on my desk during my week out of town. I haven't had time for anything more than a cursory test of the Cut and Color controls -- but I can already get a peek at the tonal versatility they are going to offer. I will get back to you with my thoughts on them after I have had time for a more thorough test drive. However, I can tell you this much --- I am going to LOVE this baby!!!!!!!!!!!

My hat is off to you in a very big way. I truly hope you have gained great satisfaction from designing and building an amp like the London. The opportunity to play through it is just thrilling to me, and I thank you sincerely for building me such a wonderful amp. I hope you can feel the excitement that the London has produced in me because you are responsible for it. You have a gift.

I'll get back to you with more feedback in the next week or so. In the meantime, take care and thank you!

Scott Gordon Stephentown, NY

"...The London 65 reflects the builders' exceptionally solid comprehension of tone, dynamics, innovative circuit design, and simply how important an amplifier is in inspiring great music. With the capable, hands-on involvement of Peter Stroud, Dan Boul, Don Butler and Mercury Magnetics, 65Corp has succeeded in creating an amplifier that simply sells itself with every note played. Knowing the people behind the company as well as we do, we're hardly surprised."

Tonequest Report, February 2005

Hi Peter and Dan,

Guys, your amp is f***ing amazing! It is so dialed in on tones we all dream of, it is blowing my mind.

Back here in my cave, I found the amp so immediately responsive that my first thought was that it was really as much like an instrument as an amp. But the most glorious thing is that guitar after guitar I try, each can find its own sweet spot tone, and I've found usually many more than one per guitar.

As you guys know, it's really difficult to find an amp that sounds good with everything. The range of tone possibilities between the two very differently voiced channels includes everything I like! This one really makes me feel I'll no longer have to "settle" for next to perfection. I cannot imagine dreaming up something more perfect for playing live these days, when everyone onstage (as well as the instinctually guitar-hating "soundman") gets pissed because even a single AC-30 seems too loud (p***ies!:)

What I really can't wait to do is record it.

I think the amp is so exciting to play through, the way it responds so vibrantly to picking nuances. The guitar jumps out of the speakers whenever I will it to with my right hand! But if I back off it cleans up to another warm and useful tone, just like a real tube amp should. I also found the input boost switching on the first channel to be very interesting for live in particular. It really kicks in in a useful way, and I could see dialing in a very useful combination of levels there. The amp feels so verge-of-out-of-control at such a modest level, it is truly a joy to hear and feel. Sometimes it just sings in a way that drives me wild! I know you guys know what I mean! And yes, I've found it is perfect with the coolest guitar in the world---my 1963 Meazzi Hollywood Jupiter (Italy '63 meets London '65)! I'm in heaven! :)

The custom colors look awesome too!

Thanks again. . . more later, but wanted to let you know ASAP what fun I've been having today with the amp.

I think you really have something here! Once again congrats on NAMM!

Thanks so much!

Matthew Sweet

In 40 years of playing guitar, tinkering with amps, guitars & pedals as well as playing professionally and having my own repair shop, the "65 Amps-London" does everything out of what one would expect from four or five different makes of great vintage amps.

The jangle & harmonics of a true Vox, the "in your face rudeness & sustain" of a Super Lead Plexi and even some great Tweed sounds emanate from this two channel, 8 knob amp. I know how they do it but I can't believe nobody else figured it out before now.

This amp is a sonic orgasm of incredible tone. Once you've played it you'll be spoilt. This far surpasses any 18 watt amp around. If fact I think it belongs in it's own category."

Don Butler "The Toneman"

My very first impression of the 18watt 65-London was if this amp sounds half as good as it looks then we are in for something pretty serious here. The beautiful cream and black tolex along with the steel vents scream classic amp!

Then I plugged my Les Paul into the EF86 channel and put the volume on 5 and the tone at about 3 o'clock with the pickup switch in the middle and hit a G chord. For the next hour all I could do was smile in the discovery of each little quirk of this amp. The first thing to widen my eyes was the London's response to my pick attack. Unmatched by any other amp I've ever played old or new. I could lighten up my attack on rhythm chops and then lay into it with solo notes and the amp gave back exactly what I was putting in to it. The overtones on first position ringing chords are simply gorgeous and musically unmatched by anything else I've played. In fact this is the most musical amp I've ever played at all volumes.

The 12AX7 channel was next and the tone meandered into that famous British sound shadowed by the gloomy skies of old England. I plugged in my '68 Tele to both channels and the sparkle and definition were so inspiring I just didn't want to stop playing. The amps natural compression on slightly dampened down strokes with the right hand never ceases to amaze me. The only thing left to do was call Dan an order a couple of these 18 watt monsters for myself.

I believe these amps to be the next in line for "classic" status in years to come.

Jedd Hughes

TOP 11 "I don't know much but I know what I like" reasons I love my 65-LONDON amp

  1. It accentuates the tonal individuality of each guitar.
  2. The volume control acts like a tone control...I don't even know what that means but I hear 5 different tones between 0-5 on the volume control with the same pickup.
  3. Very dynamic..right hand sensitive...I don't feel like I have to beat on it to get it to sound energetic,exciting and explosive so that it jumps out of a track.
  4. The color control/volume control combinations seem infinite.
  5. Any compressor,stomp box or 1176,seems to make it sound WORSE...That alone speaks volumes to me
  6. When I plug straight in with a Les Paul,turn the volume on 8-10 and play a solo it makes me feel like the guitar god that I definitly am not.
  7. With the volume turned up I can put thirds in chords and hear every note clearly.
  8. Very quiet operating level even with volume on 10
  9. Rich creamy harmonic content...2 notes played together sound like 5..lots of detail
  10. It doesnt weigh a ton
  11. People who have never even made mention of tone,hear it in the headphones and ask me what I'm playing through.True

Gary Burnette (A-List Nashville Producer)